Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most WantedAn idea arose with Criterion Games after they felt it was enough with Burnout. There need was now a game that work on an idea they had come up with before; which unfortunately was poorly done. Luckily, after working on it this time round it worked, and they came up with an interesting game, Most Wanted.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

This game, which is a racing game, was designed to operate in an open world. After production, it went through publication by Electronic Arts Publishers, followed by its official launch. It was launched as the nineteenth title of games released by Criterion Games.

Later on, this Game was accessed throughout the world in; Android, play station 3, Ios, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and play station Vita. Most Wanted was first tested in October 2012 in North America. During this trial they used a version of Wii U. It included elements from the Pack of Ultimate speed that was produced during a previous release.

Furthermore, the Most Wanted Intellectual Property adopted this Game. This was conversely to reboot of Criterion Games called Hot Pursuit, which had come up before. Almost everybody rated this game very high, as the advantages outweighed the limitations.

Moreover, it had combined features from the past Burnout with those of the Need for Speed Game; and high quality social features. During some instances due to its use of a single player mode, it was somehow criticized. However, this did not bar Most Wanted from receiving a good number of awards.

Need for Speed Most WantedSpike Video Game Award of 2012 was one of the awards that this Game won, among many others. In addition, was also awarded as the leading Driving Game. Surprisingly, the game was rated as the leading in British Games which was very commendable.

The game was set to use an interesting system that was developed by Criterion. This system called Autolog is kind of a competition between friends. With Autolog, the players in Most Wanted Plays are able to get a lot of information.

Moreover, there are activities incorporated in this game which makes players appear in the Most Wanted List, through giving them speed points. This game’s model of driving has been branded as being natural, deep with a lot of fun.

Furthermore, Most Wanted contains a bit of ideal vehicles, blend of muscle cars, exotics and also street racers. These cars are specially designed in a way that they can be transformed using performance-upgrades. These upgrades are likes of tires that are reinflatable, engine, nitrous oxide and transmission.

Moreover, a very special upgrade is the body work, which adds several advantages to players. It is through this that players run over roadblocks, drive at the highest speed and experience a faster acceleration. Additionally, EasyDrive is a feature that makes it possible for players to improve performance of the car while driving.

Bottom Line

In short, the Ultimate Speed Pack has led to realization of new cars with features suitable for racing. This brings about series of upcoming events pertaining to these new cars. In addition the limitation of the single player was modified to multiplayer mode.


Most Popular Sports Games

One of the things that elicit a lot of emotion and evokes loyalty is sports. Spectators are always more than players at any sport. Their love for the sport, however is usually no less than that of the spectators. Video games provide an opportunity for the unathletic sport enthusiasts to engage in the games. The Popular Games

1. Need for Speed

Most Popular Sports GamesMany field sports tend to be widely accepted in certain geographic areas. Soccer for example is the world’s most popular sport but it is not as popular in North America. Vehicle racing, however is popular the world over. The popularity of need for speed is also as a result of the game’s ease of play.

The game has continually improved on graphics and its 2015 version ha top class graphics. The controls, however are basically the same as they have always bee. Need for Speed is also popular because it can be played on many different platforms including on PCs.

2. NBA 2K17

Most Popular Sports GamesThis game is based on the game of basketball as played in NBA. It has three modes of play which include MyCareer, MyGM and MyTeam. My career option allows the player to customize a player who then plays in the league. The custom-made player may be considered the player’s Avatar. The player is able to monitor and make decisions on the player’s career as if it was their own career.

MyGM option puts the player in charge of an entire organization, this means that the player has the responsibility to run the team, the staff, maintain facilities and so on. MyTeam option allows the player to make the decision of creating their own team which may comprise of current players and also of legends.

3. FIFA 2017

Most Popular Sports GamesFIFA 2017 is a continuation of the FIFA series. Released in September, 2016, the game depicts soccer players. The game incorporates many leagues with J1 having been incorporated in this game. There is also commentary on games that is presented by some of the current leading soccer commentators. FIFA 2017 comes with a total of 20 EPL manager-like figures.

Other leagues incorporated include the Brazilian league, Italian Serie A and Serie B among others. The game also allows the player to model the life of a single player called Alex Hunter. This feature known as “The Journey’ involves a young player who is trying to find his place in the premier league.

4. Mortal Kombat XL

Most Popular Sports GamesThis is the latest game in the Mortal Kombat Series. It involves players fighting each other as a sport so as to unlock certain features that are in the game. The game allows players to interact with the environment around them. A player can make a random move to jump on a wall and use it as leverage.

The characters in the game are the same as the ones in the previous versions of the series. One of the distinguishing factors of Mortal Kombat XL include finishing moves which usually lead to death of the player if they break certain rules.


Usually, there are very similar trends in popularity between the sports themselves and the video games made for them. While there are many sports in the world, only a few are popular enough to warrant investment towards development of video games. This means that many of the most popular games depict the same sports.


Golf Simulator Game

Golf Simulator GameWe are going to base our discussion on use of Simulators in Golf Game. Simulators enhance Golf Game in that they provide high level instructions. Through these instructions, when you swing they analyze immediately, hence very extraordinary items. In fact it is a computerized type of a Golf Game.

How Golf Simulator Works

Golf Simulator was specifically designed to favor those interested in playing golf, but limited by time and space. Therefore, there is an opportunity to add on your skills of the Golf Game while at home. Moreover, Simulators are machines using very high technology since they are computerized.

Simulators sense a wide variety of factors entering your shot and swing with the help of sensors. These sensors are the light and radar, which have got a high degree of sensitivity. In fact Simulators are more of the ideal golf game; a copyright imitation.

In order to enjoy this game at home, you must sacrifice some large portion of your room. Moreover, others may even require a whole room so that the operations are properly done.

These Simulators typically consist of a projection-screen which is very large in size. In addition, there is a projector for videos for reflecting data shown in the screen and also images. To provide restriction to the ball, Simulators are enclosed in a special way.

How to choose a Golf Simulator

There are very many varieties that you come across in making the best your selection of a Simulator. However you must analyze some very important factors in order to choose the best. These factors are: buyer’s budget, purpose for the Simulator, your intention concerning it and the available space. Read this golf simulator guide before choosing what is right for you.

DancinDogg Optishot Infrared Golf Simulator

Golf Simulator Game

This model show replicated versions that are often found in the widely known golf-courses in the world. It has got16 high quality sensors that are infrared optical, which produce accurate measurements of your club. Depending on the Simulator prices, the DancingDogg happens to be the least-expensive.

Additionally, it is very advantageous since it provides you with all information you require. This information is such as: details of elevation, direction and speed of wind and also spinning distance. The results given by this type of simulation are normally timely relayed on a visual-display.

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator

Golf Simulator Game

This consists of a full set with swing pad of Infrared Optical, a 3D software Optishot Golf, and a USB-Cable of 10ft. Additionally, there are balls for practice and Rubber Tees that are adjustable. Since the USB-Cable is a bit shorter, there is an additional extension cable.

The long cable facilitates appropriate installation of the Optishot, typically in a widespread area. Moreover, it is important to have a backup which enables effective swinging. This comes up to counter the negative impacts of wearing out in case Swing Pad Replacement –Turf is used constantly. Optishot is the most commonly used model of a Simulator.

ES9000 Par T Golf Indoor Golf Simulator

Golf Simulator GameThis is known to be the best of all indoor Simulators worldwide. Also, it happens to possess the Finest High-Definition, not forgetting the fact that it is more advanced than all the others. Moreover, it is described by high quality photographs that are real-course and a 3D graphics.


In summary, among the many important things to look at while deciding on the Simulator to install is technology. The most preferred Simulator in this case is one with tracking system that is dual track. These are special in that they interestingly track the club together with the ball.


Best Mac Games

Games are usually designed to run on certain platforms. Since gaming companies have to consider their bottom line, many companies prefer to create games for broad markets. Thus, more window compatible games are created than Mac games.

This does not mean that Mac users do not get to enjoy games. There are also high quality games created to run on Mac. The fact that Apple computers cannot be as easily opened and installations of video cards made it hard to play. Now Apple computers have the capability to play high quality games. The following are some of the best Mac games;

Best Mac Games

1. XCOM 2

This game is played in a setting where the player seeks to handle with the enemy. The enemy, however is unknown and has to be ferreted through cunning. In the game, it appears that all things are set at random. This ensures that the player is never sure of what to expect in the course of the game. The player therefore has to remain on his toes.

2. Homeworld Remastered

The space war simulation game has 3D ships using which the player is supposed to protect the home world from attacks by alien forces. Success in the game depends on strategy and this game is a real-time strategy game. The game is designed to give the player a strong sense of purpose where he fights for the salvation of the earth.

Best Mac Games

3. Firewatch

This is an adventure game of the walking simulator variety. The game presents an escapist opportunity for the introvert or just someone who wants to enjoy the feeling of solitude. The runtime of the game is usually between four and five hours. There are a lot of twists and turns in the game.

They make the game interesting and also increase the player’s emotional investment in the game. The main protagonist in the game is known as Henry who finds himself in the Wyoming woods as a fire lookout. The design of the game creates a realistic appearance of the Wyoming forest in which it is set. This is a testament to the designers’ prowess.

Best Mac Games

4. Civilization 6

This game was developed by Firaxis Games and distributed by Take-Two Interactive. This strategy game gives the player an opportunity to build a civilization through millennia to make it into a modern world power. It involves building armies, commerce and other necessities for a civilization to thrive.

Becoming a world power in this game is determined by the built civilization’s strength in military, diplomatic or technological advancement. Building of alliances and establishing cities and defending them against human and computer invaders. The game can be played as a single player or multi player game.

Best Mac Games

5. Rocket League

This is a vehicular soccer game. Each of the teams in the game has four players and the vehicles are rocket powered. Released in 2016, the game has seen over 6 million sales and 18 million players in the year after its release in 2016. The cars in this game have the ability to jump and hit the ball, which is usually much bigger than the cars, in mid-air.


Many of the Mac games are also available for other platforms such as Windows, Play Station and so on. The quality of games improves as developers continue to improve technology. Apple products graphics hardware has also improved over time.


Paintball Game and Its Variations

Paintball Game and Its VariationsPaintball is a game in which players shoot at each other with paintball guns. The breakable balls are filled with paint and when an opponent is hit by a shot, the paint remains on them as an indication that they have been eliminated. This game is also used by armed forces to supplement their training.

Variants of Paintball

The following some of the popular variations of paintball.

1. Elimination or Slayer

This variation’s objective is simply to eliminate all opponents of the player by tagging them with paint. Whether the game is being played by individuals or teams the opponent that tags all the opponents wins.

2. Capture the Flag

This game is played by two teams. Each team has a flag that the other team strives to capture and take to the location of its own flag. In this game, eliminating opponents is used as a strategy to weaken the opposing team so as to increase the chances of capturing the flag.

3. Center Flag

In this case, there is only one flag which is placed at the center of the field. Opposing teams strive to take the flag and take it back to their starting point or their opponents’ starting point. The game is not won until the flag has been taken to the end point of the game.

4. King of the Hill

This game involves opponents attempting to take a hill or a series of hills in the field. It is sometimes arranged such that there are smaller hills that must be captured before the main hill can be take.

Paint Gun Reviews

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun 3Skull Mega Set

Paintball Game and Its Variations

This product comes as a complete package of paintball markers. Its caliber is .68 and its performance is high and the gun is also durable. The package comes with a GenX anti fog paintball mask. It also has a loader which feeds 200 rounds through gravity. The package also came with paint ball harnesses and paintball pods to hold 140 balls. The gun has 18 x 16.4 x 9.5 inches. It weighs 10 pounds when it is fully loaded.

Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull 4 + 1 BC Mega Set

Paintball Game and Its Variations

This is another .68 caliber paintball gun from Tippmann for those looking for a good paintball gun that are both fast and well built. It comes with an anti-fog lens. It also comes with a 20 ounce Co2 tank which comes empty. There is also a loading mechanism which has the capacity to load 140 rounds of balls. It weighs 9.4 pounds and its dimensions are 21 x 14.3 x 6.2 inches.

Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto Paintball Marker Gun

Paintball Game and Its VariationsThe gun a low-rise feed neck on which there is a twist lock. The gun has a rubber grip on the handles which make the gun easy to use. The gun eliminates the need for the player to lubricate it in the course of the game. Its self-lubricating mechanism also ensures that it does not reduce efficiency in the course of battle due to reduced lubrication.


Paintball is commonly used by teams seeking to increase cohesion. The game is also popular with outdoor sport enthusiasts. There are instances where certain jurisdictions prevent the sale of certain types of paint guns. It is necessary for a buyer to know these rules and comply.


Top Ten Shooting Games

Shooting games have been one of the biggest drivers of the gaming industry. First Person Shooter Games are the most popular games played on PC and also on popular game consoles like PS and Xbox. Other shooter games such as tactical games which emphasis reality also have a considerable measure of popularity. Determining the quality of a game is usually on the basis of video quality and ease of control of the game, all of which determine the level of entertainment derived from playing the game.

Top Shooting Games

Top Ten Shooting Games1. Call of Duty 4

This is a first-person shooter game. It does not only have great graphics; it also has a story line that gives the player a real sense of purpose. The infusion of purpose and emotion into the game makes the player feel like they are actually participating in the game.

2. Call of Duty Black Ops II

This is a multi-player game that has a storyline that creates emotional connection. The game is all consuming and the graphics make the game realistic. There is also a considerable number of features in the game.

Top Ten Shooting Games

3. Call of Duty – World at War

This game with an apocalyptic setting is gory and interesting. The zombies appear realistic and the features are many and interesting. The attempt to link the game to history with the involvement of Nazis albeit as zombies makes the game relatable to many.

Top Ten Shooting Games

4. Halo 3

Being PC compatible makes this game accessible to many people. The graphics in the game are very high. The storyline makes the game more than just shots fired.

Top Ten Shooting Games

5. Halo 4

The game has a designed campaign in which the player has to go and fight different enemies. The graphics are high quality which makes the game enjoyable to play.

Top Ten Shooting Games

6. Golden Eye 007

This James Bond themed game is old but it is still a high-quality game. The glamorous spy escapades and the need for cunning to fulfill missions makes this game unique. While it is a shooter game, the player must employ stealth to accomplish missions.

Top Ten Shooting Games

7. Counter Strike

This is a multiplayer game played online and can support up to 64 players. The graphics in the game provide realistic texture. The model of characters is realistic and other aspects of the game such as gravity and other laws of physics are quite realistic.

8. Kill Shot Bravo

This game that runs on android platform, has in it more than 200 missions. It allows the players to form alliances for the purposes of fulfilling their duties. The game also features sniper duels. Above the types of activities included in the game, the game also has high quality graphics.

Top Ten Shooting Games

9. Dead Effect

This is another mobile game with great graphics and campaigns. The game also has a lot of interesting game play. Involvement of zombies in the game spices it up for those with a liking for the apocalyptic.

Top Ten Shooting Games

10. Doom

This game is a product of the pioneers of the first-person shooter games, id Software. The game demands endurance and strategy as there is no place to hide. The game is easy to use by the gameplay is of exceedingly high quality.


Shooter games come from different manufacturers and they are usually played on different platforms. Many developers are now adapting their games for mobile owing to the centrality mobile electronics in every day life.


10 Facts about Pokémon Go

Facts about Pokémon GoSince it was created in 1995, Pokemon Go has become popular among many people across the world. The game has fascinating and interesting facts that has enhanced it to build on its popularity. These facts include the following:

1. Over 50 Million Users

As one of the most popular games in the world, Pokemon Go has already attracted a massive number of people who are interested in playing it. In 2011-2016, the game has been downloaded by over 10% of the Android users. The game has attracted over 50 million users currently. From the look of things, the game will continue to attract other users.

2. 21 Million Engaged Users in a Single Day

Pokemon Go attained this massive number of engaged users in a single day on July 12, 2016. This beaten Candy Crush that was the most favorite game in that time in the United States.

3. Pokemon Go for Exercise

The Pokemon Go players enjoy taking exercise as they move around in order to remain connected in the GPS system. Although it is not a physical game, Pokemon Go offers light exercises to its players.

4. Profitable for Businesses

Facts about Pokémon GoPokémon Go has features such as “Pokestops” and “Gym Trainers” which are locations where powering of collected Pokémon is done. If such locations are located near businesses such as cafés or restaurants, customers increase with a significant change.

5. Possible to Enhance Crime

Several cases of deaths in Pokestops and Gym Trainer locations have been witnessed in places such as Wyoming, St. Louis County, and Missouri. Players can easily communicate about their locations and landmarks. This can be used to enhance criminal activities among group of players.

6. Has Attracted Counterfeit Versions

Pokémon Go is a free game. However, many interested users are still unable to download it on their phone. This has given way to many counterfeit versions with the most famous one being Droid Jack. Fortunately, most of these versions do not install easily. Therefore, the user should be careful in installation in order to avoid plagiarism.

7. Connected with Nintendo

Nintendo has sold over 275 million Pokémon games. Also, it is having over 22 million trading cards in 10 different international languages. This shows that Nintendo has established a connection with Pokémon Go.

8. Contraction of “Pocket Monsters”

Initially, the game was played by kids who enjoyed going out to collect different items. This was turned into a game which seemed to be interesting. With the emergence of Android system, Pokémon Go was invented and made into reality.

9. Compatible with Android and iOS

This is what has made the game more and more popular. Pokémon Go is compatible with Android and iOS systems which come mainly with smartphones. This has made it to be easily downloaded by many players.

10. Good for Health

While trying to remain on the GPS Pokémon Go system, individuals normally get up and walk around. This is essential especially in prevention of anxiety, panic attacks, and also depression.


Pokémon Go has recently taken countries such as Australia, New Zealand, US, and England with a stance. With a GPS control, the game has been able to link many players just as the social media platform.


Controversies about Grand Theft Auto

Controversies about Grand Theft AutoGrand Theft Auto (GTA) is a game that was developed by David Jones and Mike Dailly. The game is designed in series which are named using terms that are commonly used US to refer to motor vehicle theft.

Controversies associated with Grand Theft Auto

GTA entered in the 2009 and 2010 Guinness Book of Records as the video game which is associated with most controversies in the world. This led to the game going viral and amassing suspicion among many people in the world. Several negative accusations were alleged against the game such as corruption among players, violence, and laying platforms for other criminal activities.

1. Grand Theft Auto

The game faced resistance in countries such as France, Germany, and UK due to the violence that is associated with it. In Brazil, GTA was banned completely. With different sensational and headline-making stories, publicists such as Max Clifford were able to make the game more selling.


This was an updated version of the game. The GTA II allowed players to pay for prostitute services so as to remain healthy. Also, if the players were eventually angry, they could kill the prostitutes and reclaim back their money. This instilled the gamers with a feeling of committing crimes such as killing security forces with no adverse consequences.

3. San Andreas

This was also a series of the game which had features which were highly viewed to be connected with crime activities. These include: drugs, prostitution, and even murder. The Hot Coffee scene which included sexual activities was omitted from the game. However, the game enabled players to sexually interact with in-game girlfriends.

4. Vice City

Controversies about Grand Theft AutoThis series included gang-like war which involved Cuban and Haitian groups. It sparked measures to oppose it especially from anti-defamation groups which were in place to oppose this feature. Its involvement in attempting to destroy human life, ethnic groups, and ignite wars was highly controversial.


This series had a feature with which a gamer could drink and drive. The first group to oppose this feature was the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). This group was even angered by the game being open to gamers of all age. The group wanted the game to be made for adults only. It involvement with activities such as sex, murder, drinking, prostitution, and wars was not a good picture to expose young gamers to.

6. The Lost and Damned

The Common Sense Media which composes of US parents was against this feature in GTA game due to its sexual revealing content. The game was even associated with male nude photos.

7. Chinatown Wars

It had a drug dealing mini-game which was involved with intensive drug dealing activities. With this feature, the gamer could smuggle and transport different types of drugs in the city. The game enlightened the players on market conditions and the ways in which they can successfully ensure that the drugs are safe from being viewed by the police or any other person of interest.

The Grand Theft Auto has been a subject of numerous controversies. These controversies have always been revolving around criminal activities such as sexual offenses, revealing sexual content, drugs, murder, and war. As a result, the game has received several criticisms from different individuals, groups, and countries across the world.