10 Facts about Pokémon Go

Facts about Pokémon GoSince it was created in 1995, Pokemon Go has become popular among many people across the world. The game has fascinating and interesting facts that has enhanced it to build on its popularity. These facts include the following:

1. Over 50 Million Users

As one of the most popular games in the world, Pokemon Go has already attracted a massive number of people who are interested in playing it. In 2011-2016, the game has been downloaded by over 10% of the Android users. The game has attracted over 50 million users currently. From the look of things, the game will continue to attract other users.

2. 21 Million Engaged Users in a Single Day

Pokemon Go attained this massive number of engaged users in a single day on July 12, 2016. This beaten Candy Crush that was the most favorite game in that time in the United States.

3. Pokemon Go for Exercise

The Pokemon Go players enjoy taking exercise as they move around in order to remain connected in the GPS system. Although it is not a physical game, Pokemon Go offers light exercises to its players.

4. Profitable for Businesses

Facts about Pokémon GoPokémon Go has features such as “Pokestops” and “Gym Trainers” which are locations where powering of collected Pokémon is done. If such locations are located near businesses such as cafés or restaurants, customers increase with a significant change.

5. Possible to Enhance Crime

Several cases of deaths in Pokestops and Gym Trainer locations have been witnessed in places such as Wyoming, St. Louis County, and Missouri. Players can easily communicate about their locations and landmarks. This can be used to enhance criminal activities among group of players.

6. Has Attracted Counterfeit Versions

Pokémon Go is a free game. However, many interested users are still unable to download it on their phone. This has given way to many counterfeit versions with the most famous one being Droid Jack. Fortunately, most of these versions do not install easily. Therefore, the user should be careful in installation in order to avoid plagiarism.

7. Connected with Nintendo

Nintendo has sold over 275 million Pokémon games. Also, it is having over 22 million trading cards in 10 different international languages. This shows that Nintendo has established a connection with Pokémon Go.

8. Contraction of “Pocket Monsters”

Initially, the game was played by kids who enjoyed going out to collect different items. This was turned into a game which seemed to be interesting. With the emergence of Android system, Pokémon Go was invented and made into reality.

9. Compatible with Android and iOS

This is what has made the game more and more popular. Pokémon Go is compatible with Android and iOS systems which come mainly with smartphones. This has made it to be easily downloaded by many players.

10. Good for Health

While trying to remain on the GPS Pokémon Go system, individuals normally get up and walk around. This is essential especially in prevention of anxiety, panic attacks, and also depression.


Pokémon Go has recently taken countries such as Australia, New Zealand, US, and England with a stance. With a GPS control, the game has been able to link many players just as the social media platform.