Best Mac Games

Games are usually designed to run on certain platforms. Since gaming companies have to consider their bottom line, many companies prefer to create games for broad markets. Thus, more window compatible games are created than Mac games.

This does not mean that Mac users do not get to enjoy games. There are also high quality games created to run on Mac. The fact that Apple computers cannot be as easily opened and installations of video cards made it hard to play. Now Apple computers have the capability to play high quality games. The following are some of the best Mac games;

Best Mac Games

1. XCOM 2

This game is played in a setting where the player seeks to handle with the enemy. The enemy, however is unknown and has to be ferreted through cunning. In the game, it appears that all things are set at random. This ensures that the player is never sure of what to expect in the course of the game. The player therefore has to remain on his toes.

2. Homeworld Remastered

The space war simulation game has 3D ships using which the player is supposed to protect the home world from attacks by alien forces. Success in the game depends on strategy and this game is a real-time strategy game. The game is designed to give the player a strong sense of purpose where he fights for the salvation of the earth.

Best Mac Games

3. Firewatch

This is an adventure game of the walking simulator variety. The game presents an escapist opportunity for the introvert or just someone who wants to enjoy the feeling of solitude. The runtime of the game is usually between four and five hours. There are a lot of twists and turns in the game.

They make the game interesting and also increase the player’s emotional investment in the game. The main protagonist in the game is known as Henry who finds himself in the Wyoming woods as a fire lookout. The design of the game creates a realistic appearance of the Wyoming forest in which it is set. This is a testament to the designers’ prowess.

Best Mac Games

4. Civilization 6

This game was developed by Firaxis Games and distributed by Take-Two Interactive. This strategy game gives the player an opportunity to build a civilization through millennia to make it into a modern world power. It involves building armies, commerce and other necessities for a civilization to thrive.

Becoming a world power in this game is determined by the built civilization’s strength in military, diplomatic or technological advancement. Building of alliances and establishing cities and defending them against human and computer invaders. The game can be played as a single player or multi player game.

Best Mac Games

5. Rocket League

This is a vehicular soccer game. Each of the teams in the game has four players and the vehicles are rocket powered. Released in 2016, the game has seen over 6 million sales and 18 million players in the year after its release in 2016. The cars in this game have the ability to jump and hit the ball, which is usually much bigger than the cars, in mid-air.


Many of the Mac games are also available for other platforms such as Windows, Play Station and so on. The quality of games improves as developers continue to improve technology. Apple products graphics hardware has also improved over time.