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Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted

An idea arose with Criterion Games after they felt it was enough with Burnout. There need was now a game that work on an idea they had come up with before; which unfortunately was poorly done. Luckily, after working on it this time round it worked, and they came up with an interesting game, Most Wanted.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

This game, which is a racing game, was designed to operate in an open world. After production, it went through publication by Electronic Arts Publishers, followed by its official launch. It was launched as the nineteenth title of games released by Criterion Games.

Later on, this Game was accessed throughout the world in; Android, play station 3, Ios, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and play station Vita. Most Wanted was first tested in October 2012 in North America. During this trial they used a version of Wii U. It included elements from the Pack of Ultimate speed that was produced during a previous release.

Furthermore, the Most Wanted Intellectual Property adopted this Game. This was conversely to reboot of Criterion Games called Hot Pursuit, which had come up before. Almost everybody rated this game very high, as the advantages outweighed the limitations.

Need for Speed Most WantedMoreover, it had combined features from the past Burnout with those of the Need for Speed Game; and high quality social features. During some instances due to its use of a single player mode, it was somehow criticized. However, this did not bar Most Wanted from receiving a good number of awards.

Spike Video Game Award of 2012 was one of the awards that this Game won, among many others. In addition, was also awarded as the leading Driving Game. Surprisingly, the game was rated as the leading in British Games which was very commendable.

The game was set to use an interesting system that was developed by Criterion. This system called Autolog is kind of a competition between friends. With Autolog, the players in Most Wanted Plays are able to get a lot of information.

Moreover, there are activities incorporated in this game which makes players appear in the Most Wanted List, through giving them speed points. This game’s model of driving has been branded as being natural, deep with a lot of fun.

Furthermore, Most Wanted contains a bit of ideal vehicles, blend of muscle cars, exotics and also street racers. These cars are specially designed in a way that they can be transformed using performance-upgrades. These upgrades are likes of tires that are reinflatable, engine, nitrous oxide and transmission.

Moreover, a very special upgrade is the body work, which adds several advantages to players. It is through this that players run over roadblocks, drive at the highest speed and experience a faster acceleration. Additionally, EasyDrive is a feature that makes it possible for players to improve performance of the car while driving.

Bottom Line

In short, the Ultimate Speed Pack has led to realization of new cars with features suitable for racing. This brings about series of upcoming events pertaining to these new cars. In addition the limitation of the single player was modified to multiplayer mode.