Controversies about Grand Theft Auto

Controversies about Grand Theft AutoGrand Theft Auto (GTA) is a game that was developed by David Jones and Mike Dailly. The game is designed in series which are named using terms that are commonly used US to refer to motor vehicle theft.

Controversies associated with Grand Theft Auto

GTA entered in the 2009 and 2010 Guinness Book of Records as the video game which is associated with most controversies in the world. This led to the game going viral and amassing suspicion among many people in the world. Several negative accusations were alleged against the game such as corruption among players, violence, and laying platforms for other criminal activities.

1. Grand Theft Auto

The game faced resistance in countries such as France, Germany, and UK due to the violence that is associated with it. In Brazil, GTA was banned completely. With different sensational and headline-making stories, publicists such as Max Clifford were able to make the game more selling.


This was an updated version of the game. The GTA II allowed players to pay for prostitute services so as to remain healthy. Also, if the players were eventually angry, they could kill the prostitutes and reclaim back their money. This instilled the gamers with a feeling of committing crimes such as killing security forces with no adverse consequences.

3. San Andreas

This was also a series of the game which had features which were highly viewed to be connected with crime activities. These include: drugs, prostitution, and even murder. The Hot Coffee scene which included sexual activities was omitted from the game. However, the game enabled players to sexually interact with in-game girlfriends.

4. Vice City

Controversies about Grand Theft AutoThis series included gang-like war which involved Cuban and Haitian groups. It sparked measures to oppose it especially from anti-defamation groups which were in place to oppose this feature. Its involvement in attempting to destroy human life, ethnic groups, and ignite wars was highly controversial.


This series had a feature with which a gamer could drink and drive. The first group to oppose this feature was the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). This group was even angered by the game being open to gamers of all age. The group wanted the game to be made for adults only. It involvement with activities such as sex, murder, drinking, prostitution, and wars was not a good picture to expose young gamers to.

6. The Lost and Damned

The Common Sense Media which composes of US parents was against this feature in GTA game due to its sexual revealing content. The game was even associated with male nude photos.

7. Chinatown Wars

It had a drug dealing mini-game which was involved with intensive drug dealing activities. With this feature, the gamer could smuggle and transport different types of drugs in the city. The game enlightened the players on market conditions and the ways in which they can successfully ensure that the drugs are safe from being viewed by the police or any other person of interest.

The Grand Theft Auto has been a subject of numerous controversies. These controversies have always been revolving around criminal activities such as sexual offenses, revealing sexual content, drugs, murder, and war. As a result, the game has received several criticisms from different individuals, groups, and countries across the world.