Most Popular Sports Games

One of the things that elicit a lot of emotion and evokes loyalty is sports. Spectators are always more than players at any sport. Their love for the sport, however is usually no less than that of the spectators. Video games provide an opportunity for the unathletic sport enthusiasts to engage in the games. The Popular Games

1. Need for Speed

Most Popular Sports GamesMany field sports tend to be widely accepted in certain geographic areas. Soccer for example is the world’s most popular sport but it is not as popular in North America. Vehicle racing, however is popular the world over. The popularity of need for speed is also as a result of the game’s ease of play.

The game has continually improved on graphics and its 2015 version ha top class graphics. The controls, however are basically the same as they have always bee. Need for Speed is also popular because it can be played on many different platforms including on PCs.

2. NBA 2K17

Most Popular Sports GamesThis game is based on the game of basketball as played in NBA. It has three modes of play which include MyCareer, MyGM and MyTeam. My career option allows the player to customize a player who then plays in the league. The custom-made player may be considered the player’s Avatar. The player is able to monitor and make decisions on the player’s career as if it was their own career.

MyGM option puts the player in charge of an entire organization, this means that the player has the responsibility to run the team, the staff, maintain facilities and so on. MyTeam option allows the player to make the decision of creating their own team which may comprise of current players and also of legends.

3. FIFA 2017

Most Popular Sports GamesFIFA 2017 is a continuation of the FIFA series. Released in September, 2016, the game depicts soccer players. The game incorporates many leagues with J1 having been incorporated in this game. There is also commentary on games that is presented by some of the current leading soccer commentators. FIFA 2017 comes with a total of 20 EPL manager-like figures.

Other leagues incorporated include the Brazilian league, Italian Serie A and Serie B among others. The game also allows the player to model the life of a single player called Alex Hunter. This feature known as “The Journey’ involves a young player who is trying to find his place in the premier league.

4. Mortal Kombat XL

Most Popular Sports GamesThis is the latest game in the Mortal Kombat Series. It involves players fighting each other as a sport so as to unlock certain features that are in the game. The game allows players to interact with the environment around them. A player can make a random move to jump on a wall and use it as leverage.

The characters in the game are the same as the ones in the previous versions of the series. One of the distinguishing factors of Mortal Kombat XL include finishing moves which usually lead to death of the player if they break certain rules.


Usually, there are very similar trends in popularity between the sports themselves and the video games made for them. While there are many sports in the world, only a few are popular enough to warrant investment towards development of video games. This means that many of the most popular games depict the same sports.