Top Ten Shooting Games

Shooting games have been one of the biggest drivers of the gaming industry. First Person Shooter Games are the most popular games played on PC and also on popular game consoles like PS and Xbox. Other shooter games such as tactical games which emphasis reality also have a considerable measure of popularity. Determining the quality of a game is usually on the basis of video quality and ease of control of the game, all of which determine the level of entertainment derived from playing the game.

Top Shooting Games

Top Ten Shooting Games1. Call of Duty 4

This is a first-person shooter game. It does not only have great graphics; it also has a story line that gives the player a real sense of purpose. The infusion of purpose and emotion into the game makes the player feel like they are actually participating in the game.

2. Call of Duty Black Ops II

This is a multi-player game that has a storyline that creates emotional connection. The game is all consuming and the graphics make the game realistic. There is also a considerable number of features in the game.

Top Ten Shooting Games

3. Call of Duty – World at War

This game with an apocalyptic setting is gory and interesting. The zombies appear realistic and the features are many and interesting. The attempt to link the game to history with the involvement of Nazis albeit as zombies makes the game relatable to many.

Top Ten Shooting Games

4. Halo 3

Being PC compatible makes this game accessible to many people. The graphics in the game are very high. The storyline makes the game more than just shots fired.

Top Ten Shooting Games

5. Halo 4

The game has a designed campaign in which the player has to go and fight different enemies. The graphics are high quality which makes the game enjoyable to play.

Top Ten Shooting Games

6. Golden Eye 007

This James Bond themed game is old but it is still a high-quality game. The glamorous spy escapades and the need for cunning to fulfill missions makes this game unique. While it is a shooter game, the player must employ stealth to accomplish missions.

Top Ten Shooting Games

7. Counter Strike

This is a multiplayer game played online and can support up to 64 players. The graphics in the game provide realistic texture. The model of characters is realistic and other aspects of the game such as gravity and other laws of physics are quite realistic.

8. Kill Shot Bravo

This game that runs on android platform, has in it more than 200 missions. It allows the players to form alliances for the purposes of fulfilling their duties. The game also features sniper duels. Above the types of activities included in the game, the game also has high quality graphics.

Top Ten Shooting Games

9. Dead Effect

This is another mobile game with great graphics and campaigns. The game also has a lot of interesting game play. Involvement of zombies in the game spices it up for those with a liking for the apocalyptic.

Top Ten Shooting Games

10. Doom

This game is a product of the pioneers of the first-person shooter games, id Software. The game demands endurance and strategy as there is no place to hide. The game is easy to use by the gameplay is of exceedingly high quality.


Shooter games come from different manufacturers and they are usually played on different platforms. Many developers are now adapting their games for mobile owing to the centrality mobile electronics in every day life.